One step forward, half a step back

(wordpress thinks it’s March 1 – to their surprise, it’s really 2/29 – a leap year!!)

Getting my retail boxes yesterday wasn’t all bad. I had set the bar at a normal rate based on my previous experiences dealing with Chinese vendor samples.

The greatest fear, and this may sound silly to some, but I was not sure how the white color was going to turn out.  The vendor said they only have one white shade so I had to see what that was before either 1) finding a new vendor or 2) printing a white color that may not turn out well at all.  But as luck would have it, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I remember having one white sample from a different vendor being almost blue grey.  I just couldn’t believe they called it “white”. Obv, I didn’t go with that vendor.

There are other issues that I did not forese but most seem resolvable.  However, it looks like I will have to produce one more sample round and the issue being that that’s more money I will have to spend.  I had some hope that I wouldn’t have to but there’s just no way around it on this one.

Anyway, I’m not exactly at square one but I may be toeing that line.

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