It’s been a few weeks

Lots have been going on, both on the work side and personal side also.

My packaging is done but now trying to finish up the last bit of it with the retail boxes.  Waiting on first samples with that.

Let me say that working with new vendors, especially those in China, has been the  most difficult part of this process.  Lack of trust is a big part of it and as someone once said to me, when it’s your money on the line you become dubious of everyone and everything.  I would like to say that I trust my gut and it usually hasn’t let me down yet but even now, with the money spent, there needs to be much more proof that everything will go smoothly.  That said, had a few hiccups with vendors but nothing that probably wasn’t going to be part of the course of doing business in China.  But once you find a reliable vendor, things do improve and move much more quickly.

Of course, the hard part hasn’t even begun yet….


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